Lisa was born into fashion.  She was influenced as a small child by her mother Molly.  Due to an illness in her teens she could not play sports or participate in any physical activities, so her mother enrolled her in a well-known charm school.  At the age of 17 Lisa was 5' 8' and weighed 98 pounds.  She was discovered at age 17 and received a modeling contract that put her with some of the top names in the business with high-end fashion.  While fashion is still her passion, she fell in love with jewelry.

After building her own personal collection of her favorite jewelry from Cartier and designer David Webb, she decided this was the profession she was destined for.  She began by purchasing estate jewelry and during her travels she met Jewelry legend Fred Leighton in Palm Beach who greatly influenced her to use her gift.  Leighton believed Lisa had exquisite taste and a sharp eye for jewelry.

For the past three years Lisa stopped purchasing  estate jewelry and began her journey into designing and manufacturing her own line, "The LBP Collection".  Her team includes a master silversmith, a stone cutter, and a casting crew.  The LBP Collection is not mass produced and therefore it is a lengthy process starting with selecting and purchasing sheets of silver to make her creations.  All the gemstones she uses are real and selected mainly from Brazil.  Customers have the choice of purchasing silver, silver dipped with gold, or any color gold items they want.  Silver and gold dipped are the most popular because of their price points. 

From casual chic to the height of fashion The LBP Collection wants its customers to love what they wear and enjoy Lisa's jewelry designs that make fashion statements.

"I am producing what I love and what I believe in.  Beautifully designed jewelry that is unique and affordable.  I love beautiful jewelry and I get the most pleasure and gratification to see others love it too".   Lisa Butler Price